My makeup artistry portfolio. I make and style wigs and take photos myself too.


09.05.2022 14:31


yo this is sick

09.05.2022 22:25


You searched for it, Jesus guilt and shame.

10.01.2022 13:40


The photos look great now I’m interested in seeing the gurl I could be.

11.01.2022 12:28


No one is stopping you.

17.10.2021 14:19


Have u ever done a 20 year old

13.11.2021 06:10



10.09.2020 21:01

Meghan Fournoit

Looks good, and reasonable rates. Do you use post production on photos? Especially glam or boudoir shots? Also how about Covid?

13.11.2021 06:09


No. I do not retouch. Just use an app on your phone. You don't need me. Bye

14.09.2020 03:30

Amy Vodkahaus

Thanks! I do not touch up the photos unless people ask me to. I can. What you see online is what it looks like in person, on myself and my clients. Just download a face tune app and you don't need me.

28.05.2020 20:11


I love this service

08.06.2020 14:16

Amy Vodkahaus

Thank you

30.07.2019 21:28

Odessa Rose

Do you cater to older crossdresser

08.10.2020 23:48


Yes she does !!! not give my age but yes she does !! - just do it!!

24.03.2020 06:45


Sometimes sometimes I don't I like to go to the store in the waiting room I get the dress and put it on sometimes I have my girlfriend's going to be and then I had my heartbroken while back sometimes

06.11.2019 03:34

Amy Vodkahaus

Of course! I work with everyone, all ages, sizes, shapes and colors.