You may e-mail, call or text about the date you're interested in and I'll let you know about my availibility. DO NOT BE WEIRD I WILL BLOCK YOU & DO NOT CALL FROM HIDDEN NUMBERS I WILL NOT ANSWER. or (412) 277-1605


A non-refundable deposit is required to my PayPal account to hold a date for you.  First time visits are subjects to screening.

 $100 deposit link



I never book more than one appointment a day. I love and enjoy what I do and I devote all my time to a single appointment for however long the session turns out to be. I reset my makeup station afterwards and clean the brushes to be ready for the next day. 

I will not lose money by holding the days. If you are NOT 100% certain that you will be available on a chosen date do not book with me. Your sudden inconveniece is  your own problem.


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- Debit or Credit cards

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Adrian   AKA    Amy Vodkahaus

Pittsburgh, PA

always open


14.11.2022 19:44


I would like to use services in the early spring. How soon in advance do I have to book and how should I prepare myself before we meet?

19.09.2022 23:34


New to my journey in exploring my femininity and need some help with taking it to the next level

07.09.2022 02:33


Interested in booking a day with you. I have not been in public dressed as a woman and would be very interested in coffee with you. I am available anytime.

31.08.2022 00:48


what state are you actually located in??

22.08.2022 10:45


Short notice; but do you have any availability this Wednesday or Thursday for makeover?

18.08.2022 05:13

Kevin Wolfe

Can we do a weekend im a super handsome talk guy who wants to be a cute lil girl so bad, wanna do the whole weeken? I want to have a girlfriend to help me wear lingeriand be fem with me.

18.08.2022 14:32


Yep. That’s a whole lot of wanker fantasy and you’re in the wrong place. I got a separate website with pervy rates.

09.08.2022 09:03


Hello. What would it cost for a one time feminizarion - makeup type event? I just got out if the military. I really want to explore but I feel so lost. What do lessons cost?

09.08.2022 12:51


All the prices are on this website.

31.07.2022 12:16

Saurabh desai


10.07.2022 03:28

Brady Mcfate

I would like to have a appointment in a few years I am very passionate about transgender and I am just a little to young to have any thing done but In a few years I will be able to be transgender

11.07.2022 02:42


Ok I will stare to socially transitioning but I have the money to start HRT Later

11.07.2022 02:22


There is no right time. You are who you are. Start transitioning socially, get a feel for it. The sooner you start HRT the better. Late transitioning is expensive when you try to undo male puberty.

27.06.2022 15:11


Opening today?