These are the most commonly asked questions:



How much will this cost?

That depends on what all you’re getting. Please check out the Services & Rates



How long will this take?

What? The makeup? About 45 minutes to an hour. If you plan to have photos taken or to go out see Services & Rates



What should I bring?

You may bring whatever you want to wear or bring nothing. I got a lot  to pick from my CD walk-in closet.




What will you do to me?

I will transform you. That’s all I do for living. I do makeup, take photos, make and style wigs, and accompany clients out.



Will you take sexy photos of me?

Absolutely! If you hired me to take photos I will photograph you however you are comfortable posing. Keep in mind that I will not participate in photos in front of the camera or do anything but what is listed under Services & Rates.



Do you know other girls like me?

Yes, of course I do. Many.



May I take you out on a date?




Do you think I can pass? I never did this, I am so nervous…

No need to be nervous! I been doing this for many years and you will be amazed with my skills. Also, I don’t take myself too seriously, I'm very social and I love what I do and you will have no reason to be nervous. I will make you look great but the rest is on you. Practice walking in them heels gurlfriend!



Should I worry about my privacy? I am not out and not looking to change my life…

That’s 95% of my clients. No worries!

This pays my mortgage, car, bills and put the food on my plate and in my dog’s bowl. Discretion is guaranteed.



Do I need to send the deposit?




How can I pay you?

Cash, card, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, personal check, or money order.

Spending money is the easiest thing to do in America.



How far in advance should I schedule?

Just contact me anytime and see if I am available. Usually I am booked two weeks out but you never know. Just check with me.



What are your hours?

I do not have any set work hours. You are hiring me whenever you need me.



Will you publish my photos?

No, never unless you tell me to do so.



Your reviews and recommendations keep me in business. Thank you!


08.09.2022 17:05


I would like a full makeover and I have long hair can you do me hair instead of a wig

06.08.2022 18:27


Where are you located ?

06.08.2022 21:27


In America
It’s on my front page

07.07.2022 10:15

rajvi shah

hello i want to know

24.06.2022 02:51


Hi! Do you ever come to Harrisburg? I have trouble getting away but would love a transformation session for my man. Let me know what some options are if available. Thnx!

24.06.2022 11:49


Once a year I work at transgender conference in Hershey, PA. This happens in March.

05.02.2022 03:41


where are you located

08.02.2022 17:39


In Transilvania

04.02.2022 09:15


I have a neanderthal brow, but a feminine manner...just the worst combination...can you fix me?

08.02.2022 17:41


& I got heavy bangs wigs. I got you girl!

30.01.2022 12:09


I would love to try this service, but there’s probably no way to transform me. I’m about 6’1” near 400 pounds, and a very ugly guy. No way I can be pretty.

01.02.2022 08:54


I never had anyone look bad. You’ll be surprised. Give it a try.

11.01.2022 19:45


Maybe Trans here - totally closeted. Have not crossdressed in you think you can help me find a good look? Are you still open in 2022?

11.01.2022 21:08


Yes & yes

05.12.2021 21:56


i am in phoenix az, are you local to that

11.12.2021 19:05



20.10.2021 17:25


Where are you located geographically? What area do you cover geographically? I can't seem to find that. Thanks

20.10.2021 17:52


That’s unfortunate because it’s on the front page.