Thank you for visiting my website and thank you for being interested in what I do! Things you dream about do exist in real life if you know where to look. You came to the right place, girl!

My name is Adrian, I am a freelance makeup artist from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I help people feel good about themselves by achieving the look on the outside that matches how they feel on the inside. I was a crossdresser for over a decade before I transitioned. No cisgender provider of any service can do what I do. I possess first-hand experience in gender dysphoria and euphoria. I am able to offer you solidarity and safe place to be yourself.

I wake up grateful every morning because I meet so many wonderful people through what I do. My favorite part of each makeover session is the reveal. The reactions are so rewarding. People are amazed, in disbelief and some even cry. Sometimes it gets me too because some of my clients are trans women who aren't able to live their truth for the reasons you can guess. Majority of my clients are married and closeted and this is the safe space for them to be themselves even just for a moment. It is important for me that you understand that you are not alone. I work with many people just like you.


20.03.2022 09:21


I would like to get more info about appointments def can use ur advice on dressing

20.03.2022 17:18


Good thing you’re on this website because it’s all here.

28.12.2021 00:46


Please send me info on an appointment! It is something I need and I want to come out of my shell and be the beautiful woman I know that I am. I'm ready lol.

30.12.2021 19:48


Lexi please be careful with Amy. I try to book with her for February and went off in a email. Please be careful

29.12.2021 23:47


You are literally on my website. Click Booking.

10.12.2021 03:54


Ok I am interested in getting this done, How much advance notice is needed to schedule an appointment ? I want a makeover and some pics and can you schedule this on the weekend?

10.12.2021 04:39


Weekends yes. Usually 2-3 weeks out.

02.12.2021 23:04



10.12.2021 04:39


I know.

11.10.2021 10:24


Hi, I used to see amanda Richards but sadly she is closed. Love the pics. If we went in an outing would it be a tg friendly bar?

13.11.2021 06:11



14.08.2021 22:33


Where are you located

13.11.2021 06:11


it says on here

17.04.2021 17:46


Hey Girl!
I would love to book something maybe over the summer. I’d love to have a professional work on me and see where they can take my look.

31.07.2021 15:22


It’s summer.

15.04.2021 15:41


Any chance you are going to the Rainbow Mountain event in Pocono PA May 14-16 2021?

31.07.2021 15:22

Amy Vodkahaus

I wasn’t planning on it.

24.02.2021 03:57

Robert janezek

Hey its Sylvia, can we pkan a date

31.07.2021 15:21

Amy Vodkahaus

Sure thing gurl!

16.02.2021 09:50


Where are you located ?

17.02.2021 20:31