Male to Female Transformation Makeover $100 / $150 on location.

Please allow about an hour for this service. Makeup application includes false eyelashes. I got a full makeup kit so you do not need to worry about getting anything unless there is a specific product you want to use. It is up to you if you want to be dressed en femme for this part of getting transformed. Just wear whatever you're comfortable wearing. 


If you want to have photos taken, play a dress-up and keep trying different clothes and hair, or you just want to hang out and chat I charge $100 an hour. If you would like me to take you out on town I charge a flat rate of $400 for the makeover and the outing til 2AM (see Accompanied Outing).

Photo Shoot $100 an hour

I take photos with my 20.0 megapixels Minolta MN35Z, however, I understand that most of my clients are closeted and more comfortable with having photos taken with their own cellphones. I do NOT share client’s photos unless given a permission or asked to do so. Please bring a USB flash drive for the photos or I will upload them to Dropbox/Google Drive for you to download.

Clothing for the Photo Shoots or Accompanied Outings

In case that you do not bring women's clothes I do have a lot for you to pick from on the rack, various sizes. Shoes available are sizes 10 thru 16. I do provide gloves if you need to hide the arm hair, I also got breast forms and shapewear. You can purchase panties, fishnets and dance tights from me to keep, otherwise you should bring your own undergarments for sanitary reasons.

Accompanied Outing $400

M2F makeover and outing to bars and/or night clubs.

We should start around 7pm, no later than 8pm. You can bring whatever you want to wear with you but you do not need to. I got everything here, wigs, shoes, breast forms, and clothes. We will stay out up until 2AM. 

Enfemme Experience (any day of the week) $800 (hotel room included 1 night)

pickup @ the airport or hotel

makeover + photos

outing (food, social clubs, bars or night clubs)

drop off at the hotel 

Eight to ten hours.

Weekend Enfemme $1200 (Thu+Fri or Fri+Sat)

hotel room included for two nights

pick-up at agreed time between 4pm and 6pm

makeover + photos

Outing (food, shopping, social clubs, bars and/or night clubs)

You will meet many wonderful accepting people and gurls like yourself.

drop off at the hotel between midnight and 2am

Please know that

I do NOT have sex with clients.

This is not an escorting service!

The only way I will touch you is with makeup applicator sponges and brushes! This is not negotiable so please do not ask.




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26.11.2022 21:56


I'm interested in booking the $1200 package I was wondering what days you had available after this Monday the 28th of November

30.10.2022 06:43


I have longed to be a sexy woman please help me in my journey

29.10.2022 17:31


Are you able to dress me up this Sunday or Monday for to go to castle nightclub.get back thanks

15.10.2022 04:00

Brandon N

I need real advice to know if I can continue at my age 15 years ago I had more female clothing then I did male clothing then finding the right wig With make it my wife won’t recognize me

10.10.2022 01:15

Brandon N

Hello Amy, im interested in booking your services. I hope we can discuss soon

15.09.2022 11:51

Robert laird

I need male to female crossdressing being a guy stinks . I can do handout with you get my hair done I got long hair. I got some skirts dresses women shoes and pantyhose. I can do that $ 400.00 .

14.09.2022 18:48

Matthew Allen Johnston

So im interested in a $400 outing with you and going clubbing dressed up and looking forward to going out as a girlfriend with you.

05.09.2022 04:15

Jo huges

Hello, I'm am a male that enjoy dressing and would be interested 2 or 3 hours of your service. I'm in Savannah area

29.08.2022 04:38


Can you take intimate photos?

12.08.2022 17:40


Do you shape eyebrows?