I got to teach a makeup class at Southern Comfort Transgender Conference 2018.

Honestly, I did not know what to expect but like everything else in life I just dove in head first with the positive attitude and a goal in mind.
I certainly did not prepare a speech or anything, mainly because I do makeup every day and I feel like performing anything scripted could only make me nervous if one thing falls out of place and it would just come off insincere and staged.
I was not nervous about the performance aspect of the gig but about the time given (45 minutes) and the turnout.
Someone who has been doing what I do had the same time slot across the hall. Therefore I didn't expect many people to show up. Girl was I wrong, ha!
The attendance was incredible, I couldn't believe that people just kept coming in and everyone knew of me either from someone or they seen my work online!
All the ladies had questions, took notes, I even got some clients out of it and emails later after I got back from the trip.
Miss Nora Simone was my model and I got really lucky to have met her. Without Nora this stay just would not been what it was.
I did Nora's foundation, highlight, contour and eyebrows in my room before we went down. That way I only did eye shadow, liner, lashes, lips and blush on the floor. The timing ended up being perfect.

I am so looking forward to working more conferences.
My main goal in life is to never have to go back to corporate slavery and keep doing what I love. This is what I am good at, this is what I enjoy doing, and I just couldn't imagine being happy doing anything else.

I am definitely going to be at Southern Comfort Conference 2019!

Thank you everyone who has made this experience so wonderful and thank you Cassandra Storm for capturing these moments.


23.09.2020 13:07


Are you near Brentwood I grew up there
You look anazing

22.02.2020 07:15

Annette cd

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I am a cd, who found you online.
May I please compliment how beautiful and attractive you are.
Would you please make me beautiful looking woman like you?
Thank you.