These are the most commonly asked questions:



How much will this cost?

That depends on what all you’re getting. Please check out the Services & Rates



How long will this take?

What? The makeup? About an hour.

After that it’s up to you. Photo shoot is $50.00 an hour.



What should I bring?

You may bring whatever you want to wear or bring nothing. I got a lot for you to pick from on the rack.

However, you should bring your own undergarments or you can buy them from me because those would be unsanitary to reuse on someone else.




What will you do to me?

I will transform you. That’s all I do for living. I do makeup, take photos, make and style wigs, accompany clients out.

Everything I do is listed under Services and Rates.

I do NOT engage in sexual activity with clients, it’s illegal, it's not something i am into and why would I? I already make decent money, it’s unnecessary.

However, if that’s what you want we can find you dates online or out in bars. I am not judging anyone it is just not my thing. 



Will you take sexy photos of me?

Absolutely! By the time we get to the photoshoot we will have already chatted for over an hour while doing your makeup and getting you dressed. I don’t think of my job as a makeup artist or a photographer, my purpose is to ensure you feel beautiful and sexy. If you hired me to take photos I will photograph you however you are comfortable posing. Keep in mind that I will not participate in photos in front of the camera or do anything but what is listed under Services & Rates.



Do you know other girls like me?

Yes, of course I do. Many T-girls are my clients, locals and from out of state.  I know all the places that girls go. You can meet a lot of girls on FetLife but also download Kik messenger and join public groups like PinkRainbow or any CD, TV, TG, TS group that is local to you. Some allow men and some are us ladies only. It’s a great way to meet people and plan nights out.



Where do I find dates?

I am no matchmaker but I can tell you everything and everyone is online nowadays.

TSdating is a great site for that. Grindr is the best app with option for CD/Trans. Grindr uses your GPS location so you will instantly be noticed by everyone on the grid around you.




May I take you out on a date?




Do you think I can pass? I never did this, I am so nervous…

No need to be nervous! I been doing this for many years and you will be amazed with my skills. Also, I don’t take myself too seriously, I'm very social and I love what I do and you will have no reason to be nervous. Far as passing, I will make you look great but the rest is on you. Practice walking in them heels gurlfriend!



Should I worry about my privacy? I am not out and not looking to change my life…

That’s 95% of my clients. No worries!

This pays my mortgage, car, bills and put the food on my plate and in my dog’s bowl. Discretion is guaranteed. I do this in privacy of my home or I will travel to you.



Do I need to send you the deposit?

Yes!  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to my PayPal account or by money order in regular mail to hold a date for you.

I never book more than one appointment a day. I love and enjoy what I do and I never want it to turn into just another’s job. I devote all my time to a single appointment for however long the session turns out to be.

I can not lose the money on cancellations by holding up the days.




How can I pay you?

Cash, card, PayPal, personal check, money order or Cash app.

Spending money is the easiest thing to do in America, I accept all forms of payment so you may pay me however is convenient for you.



What will show on my bank statement?

"M2Fantasy Crossdressing Makeover Service"

So, yes. If you got a joint account with your spouse and they don't know about your special interest you might want to pay me with a money order or cash.



I can not have any trail of this transaction, how do I pay you deposit?

You aren't alone, 95% of my clients are closeted and they send cash or money orders by regular mail for the deposit so I hold the day for them.

But please write me a note...when mailing your deposits write at least the date and time we scheduled so I know who you are. I often must do detective work because the names that come in with deposits do not match any online accounts you contact me from.




How far in advance should I schedule?

Just contact me anytime and see if I am available.



What are your hours?

I do not have set work hours. You are hiring me whenever you need me. I have had makeover appointments at every time of day and night.




Will you publish my photos?

No, never unless you tell me to do so. The only photos that I post to promote are the ones that clients suggested and allow me to use for such purpose.

Please understand that this is what I do for living and your safety and privacy is my priority.


Your reviews and recommendations keep me in business.