Hay gurl haaaaay!


My name is Stephen or Amy, Amy Vodkahaus.

First let me start off by saying thank you… Thank you for visiting my website and thank you for being interested in what I do!

I been into crossdressing  for as long as I can remember. I used to sing around the house in my mom's clothes and play with her makeup. Poor thing thought I was gonna be a fashion designer and have a gorgeous wife. Looking back now I don't understand that logic. I haven't changed much since then except now I make my own clothes, I landed a gig in Kill Dolly Kill (a punk rock horror comedy musical by Troma) and makeup is my obsession and what I do for living.

First time I dressed up was in 2005. Like most T-girls I used Halloween as an excuse to go out all dolled up.


I started doing drag "professionally" meaning I was getting paid for it in 2010.

Eventually people started coming up to me asking me to do their makeup. I been painting faces regularly over the years but makeup artistry was not my main source of income. I went to school for hospitality management thinking I'd work on a gay cruise line, be away for a few years and come back pay off my mortgage and student loans, and have this exciting career. Gurl…what a fucking joke. Even though I was really good at managing a hotel and people loved me I got burned out because I worked over 60 hours a week on salary. I made good money which I had no time to spend. Talk about the typical American imbalance of work life and personal time. People end up following their bills and not their dreams out of fear. I really hated my life and in May 2017 I said screw this shit, y'all can eat my ass, I am out. I took a leap of faith and decided to invest everything I had into making the crossdressing makeovers my occupation.  I was terrified because up until then I had a steady secure income and freelancing is the exact opposite. I had to invest so much into assembling a full makeup kit, wigs, clothes and shoes in various sizes, all the photo equipment…and the list just kept getting longer. At the time Craigslist still had personals section and I advertised under M4T and T4T. I got so many responses and quickly started building the clientele. There isn't anyone around who does what I do as well as I do. I don't need to say that. My work speaks for itself. Take a look.

I love and enjoy what I do! I really really do! My dog is very happy too because we spend so much time together.


I meet so many different people and my favorite part of the makeover process is the reveal.

The reactions make me so happy too. People are amazed, in disbelief and some even cry. Sometimes it gets me too because some of my clients are transwomen who aren't able to live their  truth for the reasons you can guess. Majority of my clients are married and closeted and this is the outlet for them to be themselves even just for a moment. To some crossdressing is a fetish and some stop over to get made over for a date.


It is very important to me that everyone feels welcome and safe. We all want to feel loved and accepted, no judgements. I always take my time with everyone, I would not want you to ever feel rushed. Let's be honest, you are paying me and my job is done only when you are happy with the look and the photos we have taken and you tell me it's a wrap.



Right now I am working out of my home and I travel to client's locations. Eventually I want to own a business space big enough to fit a store that sells everything you could possibly need. I am networking and the goal is to be a vendor at all conferences.