Male to Female Transformation Makeover      $50 / $60 on location

Please allow about an hour for this service. Makeup application includes false eyelashes.

I got a  full makeup kit so you do not need to worry about getting anything unless there is a specific product you want to use. It is up to you if you want to be dressed en femme for this part of getting transformed. Just wear whatever you're comfortable wearing.

Travel Expense

I don't charge travel expense cost up to 15 miles from my location.

Anything further is 50 cents per mile. That usually covers the gas, toll and time.



Hair       $50

I carry various synthetic wigs in natural hair colors for you to pick from. These particular wigs are brand new with tags.

Normally I add more hair tracks to my wigs for the volume and style them in a way that they distract from shoulders.

I do make and sell custom hair but that costs a bit more, see my online store. Tell me exactly what you have in mind and we will go from there.





Wig Reviving     $20

Got a wig that needs brought back to life> No problem, I got you boo!

I have the tools and skills. I work with synthetic wigs (heat resistant or not) as well as human hair wigs.




False Nails    $20

I do carry false nails in red, pink and white. The white nails can be painted into wahtever color you want. These are the nails that are super glued to your own nails. I do apply a layer of clear nail polish onto your natural nails before applying the fake ones so it is easier to remove them later. 






Male to Female Transformation Makeover and a Wig     $100 or $110 on location.

This feminization service includes a full makeup transformation that is described above, false eyelashes and synthetic hair wig that you purchase with this deal to keep. I usually have multiple wigs, in natural colors, on hand in case the client does not. I been buying wigs at the same wig shop for a decade and at this point the lady who owns the place sells them to me for only $10 more than what she pays, so I am able to sell them to you for $50.



·         If you would like me en femme for any above mentioned services that's $100 extra. Some ladies are just more comfortable this way.





Photo Shoot      $50 an hour

I take photos with my 20.0 megapixels Minolta MN35Z , however, I understand that most of my clients are closeted and more comfortable with me taking photos with their cellphones. I do NOT share my client’s photos unless given a permission and told to do so. My studio is equipped with backdrops, dimmable LED panels and a ring light for close-ups. If we are shooting at your location we will work with what is available to capture what you have in mind. You can and bring a USB flash drive for the photos or I will upload them to Dropbox for you to download.


Clothing for the Photo Shoots or Accompanied Outings...

In case that you do not bring your own clothes I do have a lot for you to pick from on the rack, various sizes. Shoes available are sizes 11 thru 16. I do provide gloves in case you need to hide arm hair, I also got breast forms and shapewear.

You can purchase undergarments from me to keep:

- Panties (lace/silk, various sizes and colors) $5

- Dance Tights / Fishnets $10

Otherwise you should bring your own undergarments such as panties and pantyhose for sanitary reasons.


·         If you would like me en femme for any above mentioned services that's $100 extra. Some ladies are just more comfortable this way.





Makeup Lessons In Person     $50 an hour / $60 on location

I will teach you the proper way to apply the makeup and all the tricks and techniques. I do not think there is such thing as a right or wrong way to paint a face but the general rules apply to what goes where and why.  I will paint one half of your face and have you do the same on the other half. You are welcome to bring your own products. Makeup application is a skill you learn by repeating the process. Do not expect to spend an hour with me and suddenly become a Picasso. It took me many years to get to where I am at today, but I would say it took me about six months of constant practice to look decent out in public. Just be open to learning, patient, take notes, and keep in mind it is just makeup. Do not be scared of it! If you mess up i can be removed or covered up.





Makeup Lessons Over Video Chat      $50 an hour

Sure, there are million tutorials on YouTube and a lot of them are great. However, you want to be able to ask questions in order to learn what works for you, take notes or screen captures for every part of the process. I want this to be an individual experience. You are paying me to teach you makeup the way you can learn the best. It is up to you if you want to just watch me apply makeup on myself and explain every step, or you want to paint along with me, or you only want to chat with me about the products you should own and where to get them. We can use Face Time, Google Duo, Skype, Facebook Messenger, whatever works for you.


Walking In Heels     $20/half hour

Besides walking, this covers posture and graceful movements that create pleasing feminine visuals. You can bring your own shoes or pick something in my studio. Right now I own shoes in sizes 11 thru 16. If you are new to heels you want to start with 3", definitely nothing higher than 4". You want to work your way up gradually and be comfortable, because nothing ruins the fantasy more easily than a gurl who moves like a dude.




Assistance With Shopping       $40 an hour

I will accompany you out in stores and help you find and select the items you want and need. This service is limited to Pittsburgh area because I only know the places to shop around here and I would not pretend to be knowledgeable or helpful anywhere else.





Ordering and Receiving (for regulars)

If you are concerned about ordering online and having packages shipped to your home, you can use my address and I will hold the packages for you until your next visit.





Accompanied Outing         $300

This includes either:

M2F makeover ($50) + five hours of photo shoot and being out.


M2F makeover ($50) + I will be dressed too ($100) + three hours of us being out and about.

The times are just an approximate figure so you understand it is not a 24-hour gig. I will drive us with my car. Trust me, you will have a great time, everyone always does.








Please know that I do NOT have sex with clients.


The only way I will touch you is with the makeup applicator sponges and brushes.