Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal








Hey ladies!



This is a really exciting news!


I have purchased an electrolysis machine and everything one could possibly need that goes along with it.

Currently I am in a training but very soon I will be offering this service too.


After working a few conferences and meeting many other male-to-female crossdressers and trans-women I came to realize that the hair removal goes hand in hand with the line of business I am in and I must do this.


My best friend is a trans-woman who is in need of this service herself but she cannot afford to keep going back regularly. The place that charges the least around here costs $125.00 an hour.

That is just ridiculous!

Having purchased all the equipment, furniture and supplies, I know the cost behind such service (it is A LOT), however, I will NOT charge that much (probably a half of that).

Everything I do I do because I love and enjoy it. If I was a money hungry bitch i would have stayed in hospitality management.


This will be awesome! I am just so excited that it is all coming together. I been squirreling money away for a year to afford this and now it is finally happening.


More details on everything are coming very soon but I just couldn’t wait to share this with you.