Real Housewife Hair

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80.00 USD

She's your typical real housewife hair... Long, loose wave, frames the face really nicely. i cut layers in front of it so the front of it doesn't stick to your face as you move and it's easily manageable. I used the biggest rollers I got so it's not exactly curls but those flirty waves. The hair is the most natural looking shade of brown, known as #4. The wig has a nice volume to it on top so it doesn't look flat. I cut layers thru the wig so the sides and the bottom of it aren't poofy but gradually thin out. It is very natural looking as you can see. It just looks like a well styled hair.

Additional info

This is a synthetic wig and it will permanently hold it's shape. That means you will never need to restyle it. My advice is that you brush it after every wear and keep it in the shoe box. When brushing your wigs please brush them starting at the bottom then working your way closer to the top. If you brush the wig from the top down you will most likely end up with tangled mess. This is a lace-front wig so you can part it anywhere in front.