Lake Erie Gala

Erie Sisters Gala

November 15th  - 19th

CLARION HOTEL LAKE ERIE   2800 W 8th St, Erie, PA 16505   (814) 833-1116




Erie Sisters Gala M2Fantasy Makeup Makeover $70

Please be closely shaved and moisturized prior to the makeup makeover session. I will be working out of my room Thursday and Friday. You will find me in vondor area on Saturday. I always got a full makeup kit with me but we can use your makeup as well if you insist on using some brand that I might not carry. The makeup I use will most certainly last you a full day. Pease allow an hour for makeup application.


Erie Sisters Gala M2Fantasy Makeup Lesson–2 hrs $120

The same applies to makeup lessons, please be closely shaved and moisturized prior to my arrival. I will paint your face at half the speed and walk you thru the each step. You can write down the products used and application  methods as we go.


Erie Sisters Gala M2Fantasy 1 hour Photoshoot with Makeup Makeover $130

This service includes above described makeup makeover plus an hour of photography. I will have the ring light with me and we can use your phone to take the photos. Most of my clients manage to change into few different outfits in this time frame.


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