M2Fantasy is a crossdressing makeover service studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Experience the male to female makeover in a safe space and have photos taken by a transformation makeup artist who is transgendered herself. Think of it as a social visit where you get to play dress-up and feel beautiful. Want to take the next step and go out dressed as a woman? Let's go!


This is a one stop T-gurl shop where you can get your makeup done, get makeup lessons, have photos taken (in your own clothes or anything you like in the studio),  get hair, get trained to walk in heels gracefully, or even accompanied out and about.


Quality MTF CD makeover service was missing on the market and it made sense to fill that gap with the skills that I acquired over many years. I put my experience to use in a way that I help others and by doing so I better my own life along the way too. It’s a win-win. More about me on the next page. When not working out of my home studio or locally you can catch me working as a vendor and sometimes teaching makeup workshops at various trans conferences. 


Ladies come over for many different reasons so please know that this is a judgment free zone, you are not alone and you are always welcome. Some ladies love fashion and they just want their photos taken in various outfits, some love feeling sexy and prefer more boudoir type photo shoots, some just stop by for hair and makeup and head out, some ladies come by for makeup advices and lessons, and some book an artist to perform male to female transformation services at their home or hotel room. Most crossdressers are married and closeted, some are out to their partners, some get a makeover with their partner, some clients are trans-gendered and being dressed as a woman is their everyday life while to some crossdressing is just a creative outlet or a fetish. Also, people come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Through my work I am fortunate to meet wonderful people with unique stories from different walks of life. There are many reasons why people crossdress and I work with everyone, but everyone has one common goal which is to feel good about themselves and be their most beautiful authentic self and that is exactly what M2Fantasy is about. So, come get your own crossdressing fantasy on, girlfriend!


This is a place for you to be yourself.




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